What Is US Guided Hip Bursa Injection?

The hip joint is a large joint connecting and distributing the weight from the torso to the lower extremities. A bursa is a pillow-like structure filled with viscous fluid which allows the tendon to glide smoothly over without injury. When this becomes inflamed, we call it bursitis. The greater trochanteric bursa is the largest one and most commonly involved in hip bursitis. Ultrasound is used to identify the hip. You will be lying on your side with the affected side upwards. The area will be cleaned with the sterile solution and ultrasound imaging conducted to identify the hip bursa. A topical freeze spray is often used to deaden the skin over the injection site.

The injection is carried out using a small 22-gauge needle and advanced gently into the hip bursa. Verification of location is made and ultrasound images are recorded. Various solutions are then injected. The most common is a very dilute local anesthetic steroid mixture. On some occasions, steroids may be omitted and replaced with PRP or amniotic fluid. (Refer to the discussion on PRP and amniotic fluid injection)The needle is then removed, ice and pressure are applied to the area and you will be sent home with a small Band-Aid. Your usual activity may be resumed. People often report improvement in symptoms within a few hours. The steroid takes 12 to 24 hours to see the effects.