What is Anatomy of Spine?

The spine is composed of three main parts plus the sacrum. The cervical spine is composed of seven vertebral bones interspersed with an inter-vertebral disc which provides cushioning.

The thoracic spine is comprised of 12 vertebral bodies with downward-sloping spinous processes on the lateral side which are attached to the 12 ribs.

The lumbar spine is composed of five bulky vertebral bodies between which is the lumbar intervertebral disc. Herniations of these discs are more common than anywhere else in the spine.

The sacrum is composed of five intervertebral discs which are fused forming a single unit. Below the sacrum, the coccyx is also a small vestigial area of bone triangular in shape and comprised of five segments that are fused.

Pathology of the spine can affect the lumbar discs, joints, bone itself, the delicate nerves passing between these bones, or even the soft tissue and ligaments that provide support.

Identifying the source of the pain is usually done by a thorough physical examination and history and physical, as well as appropriate imaging.

Discuss with your physician and he will help you formulate a diagnostic and treatment strategy.

Anatomy of Spine

Anatomy of Spine Overview

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