Procedure Preparation at ASC

Thank you for placing your trust in us for your upcoming procedure. This will be performed at the Ambulatory Surgical Center, details are listed below. If you have any questions please call the office where you were originally seen.


  • General Instructions: Follow the anesthesia guidelines.
  • Location: 5th Ave Surgery Center Extension Clinic, 305 East 47th Street, New York City, NY 10017
  • Contact number: (646) 233-5000
  • Covid-19 Policy: You will need to have a Covid test (PCR or Rapid test is accepted) 3 days prior to your procedure(s) regardless of your vaccination status. If you will use a home kit, make sure you take a photo of the serial number of the kit. Take a photo of the negative result and show it at the surgical center upon your arrival.
  • Transportation: Transport service may be provided as a courtesy. You may expect a call from them a day before your procedure between 5 to 7 PM. If you don’t receive any call from them and you know that you are on the schedule, you may call them at (347) 791-7000 to arrange your pick-up time.